Versace Pour Homme Oud Noir by Versace for Men – Eau de Parfum, 100ml

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Product Description

The Versace Pour Homme Oud Noir Eau de Parfum for Men is an intensely masculine oriental perfume that has warm and sensual undercurrents. The overall fragrance is reminiscent of a balmy breeze at sunset. This heady concoction comes in a classic black 100ml bottle. The flacon is neatly symmetric and has a rich, sophisticated look, with the Versace branding on its golden neck. The center of the Versace Oud Noir bottle is indented with the iconic and prestigious Versace seal, also in gold, that adds to the elegance. This Versace perfume for men is best suited to a man with a strong personality.

Versace Pour Homme was launched in the year 2013. This Versace perfume is made up of an intense and regal blend of leather, oud, oriental woodsy notes, and spices. The redolence of leather, spicy and deep, gives this scent its mesmeric quality. It is the oud that makes the perfume richly oriental and gives it a musty, nutty scent that is very placid. These notes have been blended with strong woody notes that bring to the perfume a very earthy feel. But the real punch is packed in with the perfect combination of spices. The overall aroma is seductive and has the semblance of an aphrodisiac.