Immigration Permit Cyprus

A Brief Overview of Immigrating to Cyprus

Are you looking for opportunities to invest in a safe and stable economy to expand your business? Do you want to strengthen the overall prospects of your global business? If yes, then consider Cyprus to realize your plans. You can immigrate to Cyprus through citizenship via investment programs. The benefits of immigration permit Cyprus are numerous from a practical perspective. There will be value addition to your investment portfolio. Moreover, the standard of your lifestyle will improve. It is important to have an overview of the whole immigration process. It makes the task easier and more convenient. Read along the following points discussed in a nutshell.

There Should Be No Frozen Assets

One of the top aspects of citizenship programs through investment is a clean financial record. It means that there should not be any category of frozen assets under your name in any of the countries of the EU. The investment program has a rigorous procedure to check your bank accounts, if any, in the EU.

Only Adults Can Apply

This is obvious that you have to be above 18 years of age in order to apply for citizenship and related permits in Cyprus.

Spouse / Parents / Children Policy

There are exclusive provisions to help your spouse, parents and/or children immigrate to Cyprus. But you have to follow set rules and regulations for this in order to successfully land in Cyprus. There are separate rules for each of the cases. You need to follow the instructions of the concerned administration.

The Amount for Investment

You need to pay an amount of 2.15 million Euro as a single applicant or an applicant with a family without dependents. The amount can go up to a level of 5 million Euros. Keep in mind that these investment criterions are exclusive of Value Added Tax (VAT).

Investment Opportunities

You will have excellent scope to invest in various realty properties while investing. You have to follow the relevant instructions. There is also scope to invest in the shipping industry of the country. You will enjoy a flexibility to build a portfolio of investments in the Cypriot economy.

No Requirements for Residency

You would be elated to know that you don’t have to fulfill any residence requirements in the process of application.

Passing onto Future Generations

Your Cypriot citizenship can be smoothly passed to your next generation without any administrative obligations.

Low Tax Rates

The corporate tax rates in Cypriot economy are really low compared to other countries.

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