Fleet Vehicle Tracking

Everything You Need to Know About Fleet Vehicle Tracking

The fleet vehicle tracking is an innovative telematics technology that is being used all over the world today by fleet managing companies to help ensure that vehicles and assets are kept safe and are easy to locate. The purpose of fleet tracking goes way back to the stealing of machinery and vehicles and the loss of so many different gadgets and because of that, the fleet vehicle GPS tracking was brought on. There are so many different things that people do not know about fleet vehicle tracking like how it functions if it has just one type, what it can be used for, and so many other important things that may determine the significance of this technology and that is why we are going to talk about everything there is to know about the fleet vehicle tracker.

Fleet Maintenance

The maintenance of fleets also known as fleet maintenance is the process by which you maintain your fleet vehicles. It is important for you to put the maintenance of your fleets as number priority and by doing this you are ensuring the safety of your employees ( that is your drivers) and this would allow the vehicle to last longer on the road, you would not have to be changing vehicles and spending a lot of money on repairs, so that is you increase the productivity, efficiency, and profit of your fleet vehicle.

The Types of Fleet Maintenance

There are generally two main types of fleet maintenance and we are going to discuss both of them here and now.

  • Proactive Maintenance: This type of maintenance is also known as the scheduled fleet maintenance and it is when you are ahead and well prepared, having planned meeting and regular checkups on your fleet vehicles can be really helpful and it helps you easily spot the smallest problem and you can immediately act on it and improve the efficiency of your fleet vehicle. This allows you see problems quickly before they elevate and become something more serious than it already is.
  • Reactive Maintenance: This is also known as unscheduled fleet maintenance, this can occur at any time, it is like you have a flat tire, you can not control that so you have unscheduled meetings to help maintain the vehicle and ensure that it is in good shape at all times or you using the fleet tracker wireless fuel level sensor to ensure everything is in good and perfect shape at all times and it is prepared.

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