Key Factors to Consider While Buying Nurses Uniforms

It goes without saying, the nursing profession is one of the most high-pressure professional jobs. Regardless of whether it is within a full-fledged multi hospital or a clinic, nurses need to put in their best effort in order to be comfortable while working under such high-pressure environments. Uniforms are a key part of the nursing profession that has an almost direct impact on the confidence of the employees. If you the uniforms provided at your medical facility is not up to the required standards, you are putting your employees under tremendous risk. In this article, we’ll list out the key factors that one should consider while purchasing nurses’ uniform from a tailoring company in Dubai.

What are the specifications of a nurse uniform?

Medical facility is broad term that covers hospitals, clinics, long term care facility, and clinical labs, to name a few. Based on the workplace, the specifications needed for a nursing uniform might be completely different. Larger hospitals or clinics most often have their own specific uniform style, with the uniforms themselves being manufactured in their own facility. Listed are some of the crucial factors you can consider while purchasing medical uniforms Dubai.

Nurse Uniform: Pattern

A nurse scrub needs to be designed in the simplest but yet most useful way. Since the nurses carry a lot of items such as OTC pharmacy items, stethoscope, and etc around, they need spacious pockets in their uniforms to help them concentrate better and save more time in long duration shifts.

Nurse Uniform: Quality

Nurses usually wear scrubs for a long duration as per their shifts. They need to wear a hygienic and good quality fabric uniform to give the comfort level they require to be able to concentrate on their job better. Some other factors such as fitting size also matters in choosing the right uniform as per your profession.

Nurse Uniform: Colour

Earlier it was believed by hospitals and clinics that the colour of the nurses’ uniforms should be no other than plain white. Nowadays, there is no restriction on the uniform colour and every hospital or clinic have uniforms based on their desired solid colors. This helps in brand popularity and specification of the staff as well.

Nurse Uniform: Size

Having in mind the nature of the work a nurse does and the demanding environment of the work, a nurse uniform should be as much comfortable as possible. The preferred size of a scrub depends on the personal preference but it is better to be a little bit loose to give the freedom to move around easily while working. As for the size, you need to be careful if the uniform is available as unisex or separate sizes for men and women and choose accordingly.

Nurse Uniform: Price

Nowadays there are so many different distributers of nurses’ uniform with different prices. Buying a nurse uniform with good quality might cost you a little higher than your desired budget but it will save you from replacing it with another uniform after several times of washing.

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